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The environmental concept and sustainability are in the focus of our product development, the selection of materials and production. We make a contribution to the sensible use of energy and resources.


HL Innovation is headquartered in Reutte. Our dynamic team develops innovative products and solutions in the areas of lighting, heating, cooling and acoustics.


Heating with infrared - cozy, gentle warmth simply to feel good in an attractive design. The focus is on the customer - their specific applications are worked out together and the individual wishes implemented.

about us

Innovative & energy-efficient lighting and heating systems from Tyrol

HL Innovation GmbH is a start-up which comes from DaTARIUS GmbH with headquarters was created in Reutte. DaTARIUS has been active since 33 years in electronics, optics and Precision mechanics.
We have been working in the field of LED lighting since 2010 and have dealt intensively with the topic of "Electric heating of the future" Our role model is the sun! Pleasant cozy warmth in connection with beneficial warm light or stimulating cold light this is our vision.