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Johnny - the individual indoor heating table!

Johnny - Übersicht


Design your "Johnny" the way you want!

Table or seat top

- Wooden table top
- Table top with leather cover
- Bar setup
- Seat plate with leather cover
- Seat plate with fabric cover

Standing or rolling one

Wooden Standing
- Standing made of iron (black)

Kobus decoration

- black sheet
- Linen print
- digital printing
-fabric / leather
- hay / flowers / grasses


- Bluetooth 40 watt sound system (only one connection at a time)
- WLAN 40 watt sound system (for connecting multiple devices)

Mood light

- LED Band Dynamic White 3000k – 6000k
- LED Strip RGBW (red, green, blue, white)

Facts about JOHNNY

heatable room area
0 Cent
Operating costs per hour
0 watts
average performance
0 %
positive customer feedback

infrared warmth

- Comfortable and gentle warmth
- Healthy indoor climate
- No complex
Preparations for installation
Operation without maintenance and long service life

HELICON Steering

- Energy savings of up to 40%
- Heating temperature individually adjustable
- Control of power consumption
- Remote operation via WLAN control
- Smart home connection possible